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Two sisters with completely different lives.
Maggie has left her restaurant manager job in London, her boyfriend and has come home to Ireland to stay with her Mam.
Pamela her sister, the housewife with three kids and a control freak husband.

Their mother only cares what the neighbours think, agrees with everything Dick, Pamela's husband says and panders to her Mr P's every whim where most women would have kicked him to touch a long time ago.

I liked this book but I really could not entertain the characters of Pamela and her mother. Pamela seemed to be going around with blinkers for a long time with regards to her control freak, domineering, bully of a husband and her mother is a pathetic woman who believes a man is necessary in any womans life despite what type of man he is.

I really like Maggie but it's obvious from the first few pages where her story is going, she brings humour to the book especially in her dealings with Louis, josie and lucinda in the cafe she ends up managing.

The story is predictable but it is a good holiday read.

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