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- Screwed in the Stacks by Francis Ashe
Casey, the archivist at an exclusive-but-rarely visited library, has been getting bored recently. When Ramon, a new researcher who is quite different from the standard patrons that come to visit her, arrives, she begins to wonder if maybe he's more interested in her than he is in the document collection.

- R is for Revenge by Malia Mallory
Shapely Grace is Michael’s assistant and his new lover. Michael asks Grace if she would like to get back at Victoria for treating Grace so badly when she worked for her. Of course the answer is yes, but what could Michael possibly have in mind? As she slips into a closet to watch, Grace is thrilled to see what unfolds.
Victoria really wants to be controlled and Michael knows her secret. With that in mind, Michael and Grace exact their revenge on Victoria. And their revenge is sweet!

- Sexual Fantasies by Carl East
Connie is a daydreamer. Everyone knows it, but most just shake their heads and leave it at that. She dreams of being taken in a sexual manner by all those that push the right buttons. She's about to find out though, that some people have taken notice and things are about to change.

- The Marriage Counselors by Raminar Dixon
When a friend slips her a mysterious business card for a company called "The Marriage Counselors", Sharon's interest is peaked and so are her hopes to regain the relationship she once had with her lazy, inattentive husband.
She finally manages to drag him along to their first meeting with The Marriage Counselors, only to discover that what she thought was just another typical couples therapy session is actually a secretive boarding school which teaches men to be submissive and women to be more dominant.

- Say Yes by Marie Shore
She hangs on the St. Andrew's Cross, her body is glistening with perspiration and her breasts a rosy red from the flogging she just received. Tears are running down her cheeks. She just has to say 'yes' to be untied and taken down from the cross, but she can't bring herself to utter a single word.

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Release date 01.11.2012
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