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Why have you never noticed that when you get into a cab on Park Avenue and slam the door shut the world is as sealed and as soundless as an underwater cavern and it is like you are wearing goggles. Traffic looks like the waving slanting underwater world. People ripple like disturbed aquatic plants. Packages buckle in defiant wind now visible currents, and children seem about to stream up, unanchored. When you get to your shoe box somewhere at the edge of Soho, there are mice to greet you on the sixth floor landing; are they licking those bits of loose tile? Do mice have tongues? Yes.

Your ears are still sealed from the cab ride. Sixth floor is silent and there is less and less of a fish tank feeling. Now you are in the stable world of architecture. However, the books in your window are cold, their pages buckled from a sudden rainstorm last week and leaky sills. You pick one up before you take off your raglan sleeved harris tweed man's overcoat for fall. You pull off your leopard spotted silk scarf because you feel vaguely that you are choking. The book you have chosen appears to have been left by the French girl who lived here, a sublet of a sublet, why is it the famous America writer Djuna Barnes? Why do your clothes clash, is it deliberate? Why did you go up to Park Avenue to buy something expensive? The French girl's cut out picture of Jean-Luc Godard on the refrigerator, do you like it? The phone is equipped with a device to enable the hearing impaired. The cockroaches ignore you. There are paintings that embarrass you when repair guys come in. You take such good care of her succulents, the French Girl's succulents. You hum while you rearrange them back and forth. You have periods for weeks on end, and then never again for months. You read Nightwood because some professor was teaching Darwin, Marx, and Freud, but now you can't remember why it was said that Nightwood was required. The girl who had the course took a bath in a huge old tub with you. Her stormy boyfriend sat there on the commode listening to our girl chatter.

Why have you never noticed?

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PublisherSun and Moon Press
GanreNew York
Release date 03.12.1989
Pages count354
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