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Though it is hard to compare a series on a special topic to those on general philosophy in terms of their impact on my life, this feels like one of the biggest impacts for me as I studied Objectivism.I always wanted to have kids eventually, but this series of lectures helped me to develop a passion for educating them.Many years later, with a baby on the way, I planned to revisit this material and set about home-schooling, being sure I'd never find an educational environment adequate by these standards — and then I did, in the VanDamme Academy.While that lessened the strain of feeling I'd have to take on the educational job myself for the kids, it has only deepened my appreciate for and interest in the topic.

These lectures being made available again are allowing me to revisit the source of so much thinking I've done on the subject and compare the original inspiration to the understanding I've developed with nearly two decades of thinking about the topic.

They were absolutely delightful.Generally after a long time you get many new perspectives on the material.In this case, that happened relatively little.I remembered things clearly, grasped most of it the first time, and extended my thoughts on this basis.Nonetheless, there were juicy bits that I didn't retain and it was a really fun listen.

I can't recommend this enough for anyone with kids or involved with education.

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