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Reason and Reality by J. R. Lucas (ISBN 978-1-934297-04-9 is the Hardback edition and ISBN 978-1-934297-06-3 is the Paperback edition): In this masterful and wide-ranging work by a prominent Oxford University philosopher, J. R. Lucas asks what reality is and how to reason about it. In 15 chapters he brings together his insights and arguments over many decades to offer a coherent view of a single reality which has to be understood in terms of many essential different types of explanation. The view of time and reality that emerges is one that takes full account of modern physics but has room for human beings and responsibility. Here is the book's Contents: ——-Chapter 1: Fallibility and Reality. ——-Chapter 2: The Development of Normative Reason. ——-Chapter 3: A Critique of Critical Reasoning. ——-Chapter 4: Explanation and Cause. ——-Chapter 5: Projectivism and Probability. ——-Chapter 6: The Tree in the Lonely Quad. ——-Chapter 7: Existence and Reality. ——-Chapter 8: Appearance and Unreality. ——-Chapter 9: The Search for the Ultimate. ——-Chapter 10: Points of View. ——-Chapter 11: Quantum Mechanics. ——-Chapter 12: Time. ——-Chapter 13: Reductionism. ——-Chapter 14: Persons. ——-Chapter 15: Inconclusions. ——-The book's Index begins on page 477.

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