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For a shoujo series, this really feels "non-shoujo". In fact, it can very well pass for a seinen crime-drama. There are definitely some BL hints/jokes and some pretty looking characters (like Ash and Yut-Lung) but don't let that stop you from picking this up. You should know within 1 or 2 volumes whether you will like this series or not. It's definitely a good mystery with "What is this 'banana fish' and what does it really do?"

- Great character development and interesting dialog.
- Simple, clean art. Panels are very easy to read and understand.

- Typical shoujo readers might be disappointed with this series (please don't pick it up just because it's labeled "shoujo" - pick it up because the plot interests you).
- Because it's a "shoujo", it might steer typical non-shoujo readers away from it (if you like crime-dramas, please give it a try regardless of what it's labeled - you might surprise yourself).
- Some might be put off by the 80's style art (I personally like it - it's typical of the time period and I've read a lot of 80's manga).

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PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GanreSequential Art
Release date 03.03.2004
Pages count200
File size7 Mb
eBook formatPaperback Manga, (torrent)En
Book rating4.36 (354 votes)
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