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Paul was a wiseguy, a lippy loner who at nineteen just couldn't get along. Not that he really went out of his way to start something. He just ""didn't trust people,"" preferred being by himself because it was so ""comfortable."" And this is his self-narrated story, a project undertaken as ""therapy"" suggested by his friend and mentor Bix. Bix is a fellow space cadet, part of Paul's group of ""greenies"" who, having completed their five year training, are sent to our first experimental space station. He tries to break through Paul's stubborn self-imposed isolation and starts him on the road to tentative self-exploration. In the meantime there's plenty of action conveyed with a handsome sense of realism as the group explores and adjusts to their new surroundings. Paul, who has a finely tuned feeling for gravitational changes, is chosen for the special assignment of finding and collecting ""junk"" or pieces left floating in space during the long trial and error days of the program. He finds more than anyone bargained for...first an old Russian satellite with three mysteriously dead bodies and then an even more sinister object: The Black Marauder.... Suspense and psychology coupled in a taut tale.

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GanreScience Fiction
Release date 01.11.1978
File size4.9 Mb
eBook formatPaperback, (torrent)En
Book rating4.37 (6 votes)
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