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[Author's Note: This title has been edited, reformatted, and republished as Shifters Vignettes: Emma and Connall (http://www.viviankwood.com/shifters-v...).]

Emma Cauley is pretty sure she's finally lost her mind the day she looks up and locks gazes with the tall, dark, and smoking hot man of her dreams... literally, she's pretty sure he's a figment of her imagination.

While Connall is no hallucination, he is a member of the Louisiana Shifters pack - powerful, sexy creatures capable of changing from human to to wolf. A mystery blossoms, drawing Emma into Connall’s world… and into his arms.

A dying boy, a white rose, and a mysterious man that can take the shape of a wolf.... as the pieces of fate's puzzle begin to fall into place, a fierce passion will be unleashed, and the events will change more than just Emma's life forever…

Fast-paced, clever, and sensual, this book gives the reader a little sex, a little enigma, and a satisfying happily-ever-after finish. It also sets up the next book in this erotic paranormal romance series.

Mature themes, explicit language, and super steamy sex scenes. 18+!

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