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There are just two words to describe my displeasure- Rae Phillips. The most useless, biggest dumb-wit in the history of all agents recruited by the FBI. Seriously. She could be the biggest fucking liability ever. Why? because she wants to fuck a man who has abducted her, held her hostage blindfolded, and who is probably responsible for the murder/disappearance of two of her mentors/seniors.

Before 10%-
'Rae wondered what the almost-indiscernible pause signified. That was something she had learned from her father. Use every clue, every facial twitch, every vocal nuance. Listen with your brain, not your ears.'

What I thought-
So there's Rae, always observing, always alert and she has a photographic memory and stores all this information in her brain surely to be put to use later.

She’s just a pretender who thinks she's awesome cuz she can; all this thinking is done in her infinitesimally small brain(exaggeration, i know *eye roll*)

Then this
'Rae was grateful for the lack of details. She could only guess what the courier had suffered. She knew that even with her experience she was probably incapable of imagining the full extent of the damage the cartels committed without a moment’s thought.'

What I thought-
Oh, cool this woman has probably faced a lot of gore and so, is averse to dealing with any more of that..

I do know' alright, that there are field agents and there are those behind the desk. But how the fuck is a woman who dropped-out-of-law-school-to-become-a-cop so emotionally fragile????

Case in point, although, thanks to her line of work she has to be more curios than that (And miss air-head isn't. Cuz she's beautiful, delicate.. and other fucking adjectives one would use to describe a vase of china) anyways, since she didn't bother to find out the extent of grievous bodily harm a drug cartel could cause to a traitor from one among them she would have no idea what to expect yet she feels very sorry for the guy and having never met him pre-assignment here's this(the setting- she's interviewing the guy in the dark, she can't see him and only his voice is his presence here):

'“You’re tired,” he said in his beautiful Spanish.
“We can rest. Ask them to bring you coffee.” The hoarseness of the whisper attested to his own exhaustion, and she felt emotion again tighten her throat and prickle behind her eyelids. He was concerned for her. It broke her resolve so that finally she turned toward him in the darkness.
Perhaps her eyes had stared at the screen too long, but in the dimness she could see nothing of the man on the bed.
“No.” The denial was harsh, and then, more softly, pleading with her, he whispered,
She turned back to the screen, feeling tears threaten again. Rae Phillips never cried. She lived in a world of men who expected the same level of control from her that they themselves exercised and, right or wrong, it was what she expected of herself. She swallowed the lump that had been building and lowered her head. If she could not control the burning tears, she would not let him see them fall. She would not weaken him by exposing her pain for him.
“Don’t,” he said, revealing that he knew the struggle she was undergoing.
“It’s all right.”'

How can she have so much feels for this stranger if she doesn't cry. ever. And not since she became an FBI agent????

And this too-

‘ “Will you tell me your name?” he asked softly.
It was against every instinct, every tenet of training she had been given, but like the water, she thought, What can it possibly hurt?
What can it matter?
“Rae.” She breathed the single syllable into the light from the screen.

Her slight smile was a reaction not to his confusion but to the number of times she had answered the question through the years.
“Not the man’s name. R-a-e,” she spelled.
“I was named for my grandmother,” she explained, the smile growing with the memory.
“A good Biblical name. Rachel. But my father had wanted a boy, and Rae was what I ended up. You can’t imagine the confusion it’s caused through the years. “
He said nothing else, although she waited, and finally when he spoke, it was not a response to that personal revelation.
“Read back to me the last.”
“Of course,” she whispered. Together they picked up the thread of the detailed lists he had memorized. A freak memory, Hardesty had said.'

This is her conversation with the guy who is on the verge of death, and who holds the information to bring down a drug cartel and lets face it-the biggest thing that will ever happen in her joke-of-a-career.

What i thought- Oh, maybe she's softenin him up. Playing good cop? understandin cop?

Reality- I don't know about the dying man, but she's emotionally vested in the conversation. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!!

About 50%-
His lips explored that valley, feeling her heart beneath his mouth like a frightened animal’s.
“If I take this off, querida, there’s no turning back. I won’t be able to let you go. Not now. Are you sure, my heart?”
“Yes,” she whispered, unable to think of anything but how much she wanted him.
“In spite of everything?” he asked, his lips moving over her breast to circle and tease. She could feel the heat of his breath tantalizing the nipple through the thin material. She wanted his mouth against her skin. Over her. Wanted the sweet pressure, wet and so hot.
“I’ve fought this from the beginning,” she answered, her voice husky with need.
“I’m not strong enough to fight you anymore. I don’t even want to.”'

The above conversation is between her and the guy who's held her hostage.
add this too-
'“I want you. I want you to make love to me.”'

' “Stay with me,” she begged.'

' “Tonight. Even if that’s all we ever have,” she said, destroying her own pride, and uncaring that she exposed her feelings to him.
“Stay with me. Hold me. Prove to me that you don’t care anything about me, that you can walk away as easily as you say.”
“Games, querida? I don’t play games. If I stay with you, I’ll make love to you. Under my conditions. And if I decide it’s best, I’ll walk away from you in the morning and never
see you again. That’s all I can offer you. Is that what you want?”
“This is driving me crazy. I don’t know why I care about you, but I do. And it’s not just… I know you’ll think this is insane, but it’s like I know you. Like I’ve known you all my life. As if I recognized that you were… someone I cared about. From the first night you touched me. It should have been wrong that your hands were on my body, but it was right. I felt that. I wanted them there. I knew you.”
She could hear the desperation in her voice, the plea for his understanding of something that, even to her, made no sense.
“You don’t know me. Not even now,” he said quietly.
“Don’t go,” she begged.
“Stay with me. Under your conditions. Under any conditions. Just don’t go.” '

No, even now she isn't playing it. She's really emotionally invested.

Oh and she's a racist-
'“I know. I’m just not your type. Too skinny and headstrong. You’d probably like ‘em weak and willing. Barefoot and pregnant. Luckily I don’t qualify. Have a safe trip. Diego and I will get on like a house afire, I’m sure. I’ll even work on not thinking too harshly of you and your countrymen. I’ll block all I know about ‘you people’ from my mind. You’ve been so charming. Enough to turn a girl’s head from all those misconceptions. I can’t imagine where people get the idea that you’re brutal and dishonest.”
“It comes with the territory. Either you’re on the map with a less-than-noble reputation or nobody knows your name. Nobody asks you to the dance.”'

Let's come to THE PRICK-
God forbid if i couldn't make the connection and realize that it is the same dying guy Rae felt insta-love with. And yes, you would have too, after reading the last excerpt.
The horny bastard(also paranoid pervert) thinks he's a charmer-
“So beautiful,” he whispered again.
“Do you like his hands on your breasts, my beautiful traitor?”
“Do they respond to him as they are responding now to me?” he murmured.
“Do your breasts peak for him like this, querida? Does he kiss you there?”
“You’re a very experienced man. My body responded to that experience.”
“Does that mean that you are experienced, too? How many men have touched you as I did? For how many of them have your breasts lifted and your skin flushed under their lips? Do you like making love or does your body lie about how much it wants to be loved?”
“Will you miss me, querida?”
“Games, querida? I don’t play games. If I stay with you, I’ll make love to you. Under my conditions. And if I decide it’s best, I’ll walk away from you in the morning and never
see you again. That’s all I can offer you. Is that what you want?”
“What’s wrong, querida? Is this what you want?” She could hear the tender teasing in his voice. His hand trailed tantalizingly down her stomach and then between her legs, which fell apart involuntarily, anticipating.
“So wet,” he whispered hoarsely, the teasing gone.
“So wet for me.”
“You were created for this,” he whispered, his lips moving against her throat.
“You were made for me, to fit together. You knew it with your mind. Now let your body know me, too. Relax, my heart. Relax. Love me. Take me. All of me.”

So the only significant result for the story of the whole episode is Rae's falling in insta-love with a stranger even before she meets him. The author comfortably neglects anything to do with the actual drug ring.

Hence, there's nothing of the thriller that I imagined, all the characters are fucked up psychos and let's not even talk about the big hole where there had to be a plot. At 50% you gotta have something to hold onto...

What pisses me off about such books is how the authors romanticize situations like abduction, rape and other unfortunate events. It's as though it is destined that the woman and her Mr.right(not so much anymore, ha!) are bound to come together like this. So beware, such things will always have you end up with a ring on your finger and you must give your body absolute best to snare that guy.
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