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An old mid-twentieth century book detailing the men who lost the races for the presidency from Henry Clay to Thomas Dewey. Stone gives the life stories of men as diverse as McClellan and Greeley, and how the country would have been different if the election results had gone another way in each circumstance. I don't agree with every conclusion reached (for example, I think Clay, the founder of the Whigs, would have been a better executive than Stone thought, and I think Lewis Cass would merely have been a Democratic analogue of Millard Fillmore, a forgettable antebellum footnote, had he beaten Zachary Taylor),and I wish he would have been more specific in the attributes and vices of the potential officeholders in the book, but I appreciate the effort all the same on such a noteworthy topic.

I do wonder what, if Stone were still alive, he would think of the also-rans McGovern, Mondale, Dukakis, Dole, Gore, Kerry, McCain, and Romney. In any event, a decent book to burn through in a few days. Glad I read it.

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