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Rapunzel is a girl with 70 feet of hair that glows and does magic when she sings.She was kidnapped as a child and kept in a tower by a woman claiming to be her mother who uses Rapunzel's magic to keep herself young and beautiful.Then one day a handsome cad climbs the tower, and Rapunzel coerces him to take her to the kingdom on her birthday, which leads to her discovery of who she really is!This is a Disney movie, did you know?

But seriously, anyone who knows me knows that I have been waiting for Disney to turn Rapunzel into an animated film (I even did character designs of my own some fifteen years ago), and while I do indeed love Tangled as a film, there's always this sort of wish in the back of my mind that it had been animated in the classic, 2D, Disney style.I mean, can you imAGine??So then when I came upon this read-aloud storybook at the Disney Store, full of beautiful hand-drawn and -painted illustrations, I was so taken that I looked through it every time we stopped there.Then The Wife decided to just give it to me for my birthday, so I took a few minutes to really read through and examine the lovely artwork.The story is (no surprise here), a very simple telling of the story of the film, but it's a really pretty presentation.

As expected, this is a basic storybook telling of the Disney movie, but the real point of this is the illustrations.They are gorgeous!It helps me further envision the glorious movie this would be had it been done in the traditional style (which I [sort of] vow to make one day, scene-by-scene, by myself if I have to).Some of these Disney storybooks have really so-so illustrations, but these are pretty much fully-realized works of art.No paint-bucket-colored coloring book pages here!It will be so much fun to read these simple versions of Disney movies aloud to little ones one day, and enjoy the rich illustrations together.

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GanreMedia Tie In
Release date 01.09.2010
Pages count72
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