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Violet has been raised in a world with bikers, rough men and separated parents. The only savior in her world, was her love for Travis, her best friend. They grew up together, creating a hopeless friendship against all odds. Then he left, with no goodbye, no explanation.

Travis went on and became a successful rockstar, Violet moved on and thought she was finally over it. Then Travis returns and tugs on her heart strings all over again. She finds it hard to say no, she is different now...she isn't the girl he once adored; dark things have happened to her. What if she isn't what he believes he wants so badly?

Come on Travis and Violet's journey of love, heartache and all the things in between.

This book is erotica; it contains graphic sexual content and swearing - it is lusty, crazy, beautiful and in parts morally incorrect. It is one hell of a rollercoaster ride of love and heartache. It is action packed with drama, if this is not your thing, please don't purchase it. It does end with a cliff hanger but I promise the next book will be HEA!
Please remember it is FICTION!!!

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