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RED HARVEST - started 03/01/2010, finished 03/12/2010.Amazing!This is sort of the granddaddy of the hard-boiled detective stories, as I understand it.These stories, while well-rooted in the mystery/detective fiction genre, actually seem to owe more debt to medieval tales of morality and heroism, as well as gritty western dramatic literature.A lone hero blows into a dusty town that is not what it appears, interacts with all manner of seedy and interesting characters, and acts out of questionable motives to attain goals both selfish and shared.I loved it...I know it is one of the most popular/oldest novels without an official film version, but when YOJIMBO is based on you, and A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS is based on YOJIMBO, do you really need an official filmed version?(No)Anyway, hoping to get back to Hammett soon, maybe pepper some Sherlock or other stuff in between here.

THE DAIN CURSE - started 01/28/2012, finished 02/01/2012.It's not THAT much longer than Hammett's other four novels, but somehow, having now read them all, it SEEMED so much longer!Not in a bad way, though.I think Hammett is a great writer.I wish he'd written more novels.All I've got now are the short stories, which I will get into eventually.I'm also curious to see the TV movie version of this with James Coburn.I love the complicated, convoluted nature of it all.This thing took me like four days to read, but in retrospect it seems like it could've taken a month.Rich (if somewhat...scientific?) descriptions and betrayals upon betrayals add to the extreme likability and memorability of this and all of Hammett's work.

THE MALTESE FALCON - started 12/25/2012, finished 12/27/2012.I think I had read this one once before, long ago.It is really good!I've said it before and will say it some more: Hammett shoulda written more, especially when he was so good at creating unstoppably fascinating characters.Like Sam Spade!I haven't seen the movie of this one in awhile - I'll have to check'r out sometime soon.

THE GLASS KEY - started 01/02/2013, finished 01/03/2013.At some point I guess I really got into the Hammett groove.RED HARVEST took me a week and a half, DAIN took me five days, FALCON two, and these last two, about a day apiece.I was just gobbling it up by the end.I like that THE GLASS KEY, unlike his other novels, has as its protagonist someone who isn't even necessarily any kind of detective, but it's still a detective story at its core.Allegedly this was Hammett's favorite of his own novels, but I also hear he wanted to burn every copy of all of 'em toward the end of his life.

THE THIN MAN - started 01/04/2013, finished 01/05/2013.And once I'd completed THE GLASS KEY, I thought, what the hey, I'll just read this last one, too.Why not?I have been a HUGE fan of the movie(s) ever since I seen't 'em.The witty banter, the constant partying, the cavorting with criminals, all against the glitz and glam of...the great depression.I love it.A few choice phrases from the movie are straight outta the book, and of course each (the book and the movie) have a lot of great material that's missing from the other.A lovely read start-to-finish, even if I knew whodunit (and/or what-he-dun) the whole time.

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