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1485-In the time of The War Of the Roses

TRISTAN de la TERE,and his friends are returning from London when they come upon unspeakable horror on the outskirts of Tristan's lands. Even though he gallops madly towards his castle,his wife and unborn child the worst that he fears awaits him upon his arrival. Was this Richard Duke of Gloucester's doing? All because Tristan had voiced a demand that the boys be shown? Proof that they weren't murdered by his hand? The loss of his beloved wife and the child he would never hold was too much too bare. And so Tristan leaves and joins forces with Henry Tudor the Lancastrian claimant revenge buried deep inside him,but ready to surface at any time.
GENEVIEVE LIEWELLYN,and her father are stout supportors for King Richard but as fate has it,her life will take a different turn due to this War when their castle is taken and as her father refuses to yield and looses his life in battle and the Castle is now left in his daughter's hands.
Now here is where the real battle begins,not on the battlefield but with two stubbon,hurt,revengeful souls.

What I thought of the story/plotline:
I think the author should have done more with these characters in this time period,but instead it seemed like the whole story was around Tristan locking the Heroine up and submitting her to "physcial activity" shall we say,(but alas that's how these old Bodice Rippers go). I found the Hero abusive and cruel ( I lost track at how many times her yanked her around by the hair) and even towards the end I found he didnt win me over. I liked the Heroine's character better but the author over did the "her lashes swept down" "her lashes fell softly"(my eyes started to hurt) I also felt the story took forever to get to where it needed to,lacked the historical detail that would have made it more interesting,but at least there was enough action to keep me reading. An ok read,but it wont sit on my "favorite-keeper" shelf.

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Release date 01.06.1994
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