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So between the title and the blurb, I was expecting this book to be an intriguing mystery. Maybe some edge of my seat, can’t put it down, omg what is going on? moments.

Instead I was bored out of my skull.

This isn’t an epic mystery. The mysterious man who reveals Will and Lucy’s dad’s “big” secret? Kind of disappears pretty dang quick and has very little else to do with everything. And the mystery that’s over a hundred years old? Not all that interesting. And solved very neatly and quickly by two kids. Of course.

How come when kids decide to poke there noses into shit without telling any adults it somehow turns out well? There are way too many books where that happens, and it’s really frustrating because you know what? SOMETIMES KIDS SHOULDN’T BE THE ONES HANDLING THINGS. Like assassination plots! Yeah. Kids probably shouldn’t be running around trying to stop assassination plots.

Unless they’re boring, easily thwarted assassination plots like the one in this book, I guess.


What this book *is* about is a man who has a bit of a mental breakdown due to debt and disappears, leaving his family to wonder wtf is going on and where he’s gone and to find out just how much debt they’re in! (I still do not understand why, once he’d started getting himself back in order and was past mental breakdown land, he STAYED HIDDEN AND DIDN’T TALK TO HIS DAMN FAMILY ABOUT SHIT?!


The journal Will and Lucy find tells about their ancestors, William and Louisa. Their father was also in debt. Except they knew where he was - hiding in the sanctuary so he wouldn’t get sent to debtor’s prison. Between worrying about him and visiting him and worrying about their own debts, William and Louisa start to get suspicious of a man who’s trying to weasel his way in with a French aristocrat and decide to investigate. And thwart a plot!

I could see this having been a really interesting family drama type story. But I felt like nothing had any real depth. Add to that the misleading title and blurb and I am just really disappointed.

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