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I read Purple Pirate for the first time today, despite the many warnings about it. It has several of the traits that readers have come to expect from a William Arden title. The characterization is very good, with the gang of crooks being formed by quite a heterogeneous bunch. Major Karnes, the peppery leader, provides the criminal brain and also the comedy. However, his giant henchman Hubert is a little too similar to Turk in Dead Man’s Riddle, another Arden story. More comedy is provided in the form of a boat excursion that is meant to convey the thrill of being a genuine pirate but is a miserable failure. Some readers seem to have been upset by this maritime adventure, which takes up most of chapters 4 and 6, but I found it highly amusing. The story is a page turner with a couple of red herrings. However, when the solution is given and the story comes to an end, you can see that some of the mysteries were simply meaningless, with holes in the plot a mile wide. Another problem is that the theme of the title, the pirate, is not really central to the story. But to call it The Mystery of Why People are Hauling Bags of Dirt Around Rocky Beach wouldn’t have been very catchy. It’s a passable story, much better in the reading than in the conclusion. And at least there was no crook in a rubber mask "snarling" at “them darn kids”, the Scooby Doo style plot device that had plagued some of Arden’s previous 3I books. I’d give it the following grades out of five:

Villains 4
Humour 5
Mystery 2
Characterization 4
Solution 3

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PublisherRandom House Books for Young Readers
Release date 01.08.1982
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