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The second book in the Dahak trilogy picks up right where Mutineer's Moon left off. Earth faces attack from the Achuultani, while Colin is off looking for help and what happened to the Fourth Imperium. The book covers a lot of ground quickly as Weber almost rushes to get us to the point where we see some action. Without being a spoiler - yes, there are answers to most of the big questions from Book One.

I think my only complaint about this book was the lack of effort on Weber's part to deal with real universe physics. Not the complicated parts, like how warp missiles would function at a quantum entanglement level, but just the basics of: if ships are on opposite sides of a solar system (which is presumably at least a few light hours in width), how is it they see each other in real time?!? Sorry, I know this isn't something most folks care about, but ever since I read The Dread Empire's Fall series by Walter Jon Williams, this is the kind of thing I think about in epic space battles that make these kind of mistakes (detection based on hyper signal? sure! based on seeing the ship appear on the other side of the system instantly? Light doesn't work that way!!!)

But I digress, because despite that physics problem, the story is about the characters and the struggle, and as with the first book, it continues in good spirits here. Off to the third book!

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GanreScience Fiction
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