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This is the second story I have read by this author, and I suspect it won't be the last.

Woody is sixteen years old when he departs New York for England in the summer of 1939. Despite the almost-certainty of a war, his parents believe that it may be the last chance they get to visit his mother's family before war shuts down intercontinental travel.

On the ship travelling to England, Woody meets Terrence, an Englishman only a few months older than himself who returning home after a brief trip to the United States with his uncle, a retired Army Colonel. The two boys strike up an instant friendship, agreeing to exchange addresses so that they can keep in touch after Woody returns to New York.

Upon arrival in London, however, it is clear that the trouble in Europe is escalating, and Woody's parents decide they will stay in England for the duration, as his father is a New York Times journalist reporting on the war, and his mother wants to be there with her family. As a result, Woody remains in England too and ends up going to the same public school as Terrence.

This is a story of two men growing up together, and the hardships they face surviving the war in separate branches of the military. Told in Woody's first person point of view, it also explores the difficulties and loneliness that he faces knowing he is 'queer', never knowing if his feelings for Terrence are reciprocated, or if others are able to detect his "abnormal" attraction to men.

While there is nothing I can exactly pinpoint as to why, I found myself drawn in by the story, and was glued to it until I had finished it.While the writing is good, it is not exceptional, and the same applies to the plot and characterization. But overall, I found the finished product to be better than sum of its parts, and have rated it accordingly.

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