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The Whole Truth is set on one of the Gulf Islands in B.C. The islands are beautiful – I know this from personal experience! Polly and Maud are sent to live on one of the islands during the Depression when their father is believed to be dead by suicide. This novel contains a lot of familiar elements from Pearson’s other novels: boarding school, a strong grandmother, loyal friends, and a great Canadian environment. Yet, stories like this rarely feel recycled if they’re written well. There’s just something timeless about Kit Pearson, which has earned her a high honour in Canadian children’s literature.

I appreciate that Pearson writes about children and young teens so authentically. They always feel age appropriate and real. At one point, Polly visits her friend Biddy and sees that Biddy’s dog has had puppies; the girls hatch a plan to make sure Polly gets one of these puppies. And I, as an adult woman, was really excited that Polly might get a puppy. I got mad at Maud when she didn’t want to come home every weekend from boarding school. And for the last one-third of the book, I was very worried about Polly’s decisions.

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