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This cover looks like a diagram from that Introducing Psychology book.

From wiki: The film takes place in Sweden around the turn of the twentieth century. Fredrik Egerman is a middle-aged lawyer married to a 19 year old beauty, Anne. Their two-year marriage is still unconsummated, due to Anne's reticence. Fredrik has a son, Henrik, from his marriage to his late first wife. Henrik is in his early twenties and is a student studying to be a minister; he is currently tormented by his love for his step-mother, who secretly loves him in return. Henrik is distracting himself from his semi-Oedipal urges by engaging in an unhappy affair with Fredrik's lusty young servant, Petra.

Between his two marriages, Fredrik had an affair with a notable stage actress, the beautiful Desiree Armfeldt, but she broke off the relationship. Desiree currently has a young son named Fredrik, born shortly after her affair with Fredrik Egerman. (It is implied, but never directly stated, that little Fredrik Armfeldt is the son of Fredrik Egerman.) Currently, Desiree is having an affair with a brutal army officer, Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. The Count's wife, Charlotte, is an old friend of Anne Egerman.

Fredrik goes to see Desiree one night to pour out his marital troubles to her and ask for her help. Having fallen into a puddle outside Desiree's house, Fredrik ends up at Desiree's house wearing the Count's nightshirt. The violently jealous Count turns up unexpectedly and threatens Fredrik with violence unless he leaves. After Fredrik leaves, the Count treats Desiree violently, leading her to want to end her affair with the Count. The Count then tells his wife Charlotte about the encounter and orders her to tell Anne Egerman about Fredrik's supposed infidelity (though no infidelity actually occurred). Charlotte ends up confessing to Anne that she loves the Count despite everything and would do anything to be loved in return.

To solve these woes, Desiree has her mother invite all the characters to her country house for a summer party. Over the course of one night, all the conflicts are resolved. Henrik and Anne, upon unexpectedly finding themselves alone together in a bed, consummate their relationship and then elope, with the assistance of Henrik's former lover, Petra, and Petra's current lover, Frid. (Fredrik sees the lovers depart but does nothing.) Charlotte then joins Fredrik in the garden pavilion. Upon learning that his wife is with Fredrik, the Count interrupts them and challenges Fredrik to a game of Russian roulette. However, it is revealed that the Count secretly loaded a chamber of the revolver with soot and neither party were ever in danger. The Count then reunites with his wife, his feelings for her renewed by his jealousy. And Desiree comforts Fredrik, appearing as if they will renew their relationship. The dilemmas of the four pairs of lovers appear to be happily resolved.

Ulla Jacobsson – Anne Egerman
Eva Dahlbeck – Desiree Armfeldt
Harriet Andersson – Petra
Margit Carlqvist – Countess Charlotte Malcolm
Gunnar Björnstrand – Fredrik Egerman
Jarl Kulle – Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm
Åke Fridell – Frid
Björn Bjelfvenstam – Henrik Egerman
Naima Wifstrand – Mrs. Armfeldt
Jullan Kindahl – Beata
Gull Natorp – Malla
Birgitta Valberg – Actress
Bibi Andersson – Actress

What a plate of worms, however all's well that ends well

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