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This collection features the supernatural mysteries “Dead by Dawn,” “The Blood Witch” and “Terrorlord,” following the exploits of occult detective Jason Dark as he tries to solve mysterious cases in Victorian England.

In addition, this collection contains the five-part serialized Jason Dark short story "Food for the Dead," which has originally been published in Fangoria™ magazine

Dead by Dawn
The unexpected death of their next door neighbor rattles Jason Dark and Siu Lin. But does a woman in good health simply drop dead by dawn? The Geisterjäger is not convinced and suspects something more wicked and sinister is at work in London. As his investigation leads him down to the seedy underbelly of society, things more mysterious than he expected reveal themselves, making it clear that the ghost hunter will need all of his skills and resources to put an end to the horrors that stalk the night.

The Blood Witch
An ancient curse resurfaces. From deep within the English forests, a hideous creature threatens to re-emerge, stronger than ever. Meanwhile, young girls are disappearing from the streets of London, and rumors of heinous rituals abound. Fearing for her very life, a young actress working at the famed Lyceum Theatre calls desperately on Jason Dark for help. On the eve of Walpurgis Night, the Geisterjäger meets another formidable enemy as he comes face to face with the Blood Witch. Who will prevail?.

Conjured from the bowels of the abyss by ancient magic, the Terrorlord has one desire — to open the Seven Gates of Hell and unleash the horrors of the undead upon mankind.
Reliving the nightmares of his youth where an encounter with the Terrorlord left him scarred for life, Jason Dark must once again confront the powerful gatekeeper from Hell before his reach and power spiral out of control. With the help of Siu Lin, the ghost hunter will have to put an end to the Terrorlord's dark reign before he can devour our world in his evil blackness.

“Jason Dark Supernatural Mystery Collection 3” is a 80,000 word eBook, the equivalent of about 320 book pages.

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