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This was slightly disappointing because it wasn't actually a "paranormal" story - like a book titled: Allie's Ghost Hunters: Elysium would assumed to be. In fact, there are no ghosts in this at all. Saying that, this was still a surprisingly enjoyable read but I still would have liked some paranormal aspects.

The characters were lovable and extremely relatable. I couldn't stop picturing little Bethan as my younger brother! I loved the family dramas and how many different relationships were demonstrated. The pettiness of Colette and Sylvester's relationship, and Michelle's plan for attention, was slightly annoying but nothing extraordinarily noteworthy. One character I really did love was Ray - he was extremely mature and loving despite the awkward situation he was in.

While the mystery was a little well, lacking, seeing there wasn't actually a mystery, the plotline was by no means dull. I actually learnt a lot out of the Jenolan Caves and you could tell that a fair amount of research had gone into making the settings as realistic as possible. Plus, it was set here in Australia - which is always a bonus!

Overall, a pleasant surprise. I wouldn't mind checking out more of this author's work at all and would recommend it to middle grade fans of this sort of book.

[On a side note, I didn't read any of the three previous books of the series and had absolutely no troubles following the plotline. It can easily be read as a stand-alone.]

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