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The Adventures of The Bailey School Kids; Cyclops Doesn't Roller-Skate, written by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones and illustrated by John Steven Gurney is one of many in the Bailey School Kids series each about a different mythical creature that rolls into Bailey Elementary School and causes the imaginations of four friends, Liza, Eddie, Howie, and Melody to run wild-or is it real? On this adventure Howie accuses the eye doctor who has come to the school to check all of the student's eyes as being Cyclops. The mythical, Grecian monster who attempts to eats Odysseus on his journey home is almost a giant and enjoys eating sheep, goats, and especially men, has only one, large eye in the middle of its forehead. Dr. Polly, the eye doctor always wears a light right in the middle of his forehead, just above his dark sunglasses, which he wears even inside. The four friends come up with a plan to expose the cyclops by stealing the light bulbs he uses for his light, this however proves nothing and they students never know for sure if he is just a strange Grecian doctor or a Cyclops.
The illustrations in this book are pencil drawings depicting the characters precisely as they are described in the text. THe cover illustration contains all four friends and the Cyclops in question on his roller skates, in full color. Every character has great facial expression and the use of perspective is wonderful for young readers. The cyclops is always shown as much larger than the students, hardly accurately proportional between a child and an adult, displaying Dr. Polly's cyclops-like build. The illustrations in the book are used to aide the student into drawing the necessary details from the text and to not rely so much on the illustrations for the mental picture. The illustrations only provide what is in the text and not adding any embellishments that create the world, rather providing a starting point for the reader to create from.
I give this book a five of five stars for what it is, an easy read in a repetitive series that helps transitions young readers into more complex chapter books from picture books. I would recommend this book for 2nd and 3rd graders to read as an introduction to chapter books and to learn to love reading through the repetitive nature of the series.

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